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How does Alterdesk’s panic functionality work?

You can use the panic functionality to send out a panic message (also known as an alarm message). A panic message is a message with a specific text that can be defined when setting the functionality. You can also add a location, sound file and photo of the moment the panic functionality was activated.

Why would you want to use the panic function?

Many employees face potentially dangerous situation on a daily basis. Take a healthcare worker for example, who works with patients with mental disabilities who may have aggressive tendencies at times.

When you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can notify your colleagues by means of the panic functionality. Now your colleagues know that you need help. Because the panic button is very subtle, the person threatening you will usually not even know that you called for help.

In which Alterdesk app can I use the panic function?

At the time of writing, the panic functionality is only available for Alterdesk’s Android app.

What kind of button do I need to use the Alterdesk panic function?

To use the panic function you will need a bluetooth button. We have good experiences with the V.BTTN provided by VSN Mobil. You can order them in the Tundra webshop.

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